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Maurits Bruel

Maurits Bruel is a Partner at MESA Family Business Consultants. He is STAK director (Hakkers Holding), board member (Leolux Living), Associate Professor of Family Affairs (Erasmus University), Associate Professor Philanthropy, Impact Investing and Happiness (ESCP), Professor Happiness & Economics (Erasmus University), Professor Succession in Estates (FPG), author ” Uitblinken als Familiebedrijf”, ” Beursgang voor het familiebedrijf” and “De Geluksfabriek”. In addition, he is co-founder of FBNed.

Maurits Bruel is a consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the family business, both business and family aspects. He studied liquidity issues and worked for GITP for nine years, where he continued his education as an assessment and selection expert for family businesses. He helps family businesses to balance the strategy, structure, culture and qualities of the board and management.

Maurits is analytically strong and knows, due to his knowledge of and respect for individual differences, the trust that is needed to lead changes in the right direction quickly. His quality is to adapt the “hard” factors to changing circumstances, on the one hand, and to select and coach individual family members and external managers on the other hand: their success is also good for family, business, and society as a whole.

Examples of questions are:
Whom of our children want and can play a leading role in the next generation?
What kind of administrative structure and method fits the transition period and beyond?
How do we make good arrangements to secure the interests of different stakes in the family?
When and how should we involve the next generation in the company’s strategy?
How do I play my own role as successor?
How can we strengthen cooperation and interconnection between and within generations of the family?

Multi-year follow-up course with family businesses in many branches
Business strategy for family businesses in construction, retail, production and agro
Guidance on the search and selection of external supervisory directors and directors
Coaching of shareholder and STAK manager
Set up Supervisory Board and STAK at family companies
Guiding of Family Council

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