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Jurgen Geerlings

Jurgen Geerlings is partner and co-founder of Mesa and director of the IFBK | Institute for Family Business Studies. He consults and teaches in the Netherlands, Europe and the Far East. His expertise lies in the field of responsible ownership, ownership planning, family governance, business management and managing generational exchanges. Jurgen guides families in drafting family statutes and, where appropriate, carries out the design and coordination of the implementation of family-specific education.

Jurgen has gained extensive work experience at various banks in the field of corporate banking, private banking & trust, capital structure and private equity in his career after completing his law study in Utrecht. For fifteen years he was as Academic Director at Tias School for Business & Society responsible for the development and execution of curricula in which the family business is central. He has been involved at Nyenrode Business University for several years and works with several educational institutions at home and abroad (including Vlerick Business School in Ghent and PPM Manajem in Jakarta).

Jurgen has contributed to policy authorities at home and abroad, including the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Expert Group of Family Enterprises Chamber of Commerce / VNO-NCW, European Commission Round Table of Bankers and SMEs, Family Business Network International and International Family Enterprise Research Academy. He publishes articles in various (trade) magazines and has provided a permanent column about family companies in Het Financieel Dagblad for many years. He is co-author of two books on the governance and capitalization of the family business. In addition, he is an active member of various (international) networks for (advisors of) family companies.