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Francois Carstens

Each family business is unique just like any enterprising family. Still, you’ll see the same issues coming back. Dilemmas around succession; ownership strategy, “family” and corporate governance and development of the Next Generation, but also: how do we deal with disputes?

Dilemmas around core subjects determine the continuity of the company and relationships between business and family. Unity of family; retention of assets and success of the company are closely linked. How can you combine diverse views of stakeholders on issues about common interests while providing space for the individual?

These are exactly the points I’m talking about during a “good conversation”. Such as what happens if the prospective successor has other career plans or is found to be too light? How is continuity regulated in business and property with unexpected disappearance of the D.G.A. When do you actually transfer your life work to a next generation (or external director) and how can they prepare for it? What is your role as board member to the owners and to the family? How do you deal with conflicts that could even threaten the future of business and family?

Often it helps to make agreements on the short-term and long-term core values, vision and strategy of family and business; preferably recorded in a continuously updated family statute. But as often as possible, tailor-made work is required to ensure continuity, for example through conflict resolution via mediation. As a consultant, mediator, board member and entrepreneur, the main topic for me is continuity. All interests, relevant developments and feelings I try to take in account as good as possible.

– The mapping of core values ​​of family and company. (The family business story)
– Mapping the vision and strategy of family and company in mutual cohesion
– Consulting on appropriate “governance” for family and company
– Guiding the “good conversation” between generations on business transfer issues.
– Conflict counseling / solution (mediation) on family (business) affairs
– The guidance and coaching of the successive and departing generation
– Drawing up a disaster succession plan with unexpected inability to work; death or divorce

About Francois Carstens
Mesa Partner since 2010 after having been an independent entrepreneur. In addition, as a mediator he specializes in collaborative issues within family and company. He is also a board member of the family company (AWL Techniek Holding in Harderwijk); Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank Rijn and Veenstromen, Member of the Board of “Wise People at the Company Inner Outdoor Growth and Development” and NCD Academy Governance Essentials Professor on Governance Issues in Family Enterprises. In addition, he is a core assessor at Register Certified Board Member (RCBM) and (guest) assessor at Sioo (in the Wind Program); moderator at various family business tables and author of various publications.

He has 30 years of previous experience with relationships from the big business, MKB and enterprising families from (heavy) managerial function in business financial services. Open ear and eye for interests of all stakeholders. Quickly realizes the situation; creates connection from a common perspective. Conflict solver with a win-win situation for all parties in mind. Used to operate in the rectangle family, company, owners and surroundings.


Telefoon: +31 6 1993 3953
Email: f.carstens@mesa-fbc.nl