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MESA means table. This refers to both the directors’ table and the kitchen table of the family. We want to pull up a chair at both your tables during the moments that matter. A changing environment, a changing company challenge, a changing family setting, Mesa FBC is more than a consultancy agency. It is also a knowledge and expertise center for the purpose of enterprising families. Our mission is also to further enhance the knowledge on family business with the stakeholders in society (governments, financers, advisers) through research, publications, readings, seminars and our website. That is why we are active members in multiple national and international organizations that stand up for the family business. Family business administration is a discipline that is developing worldwide and is slowly getting more recognized. MESA works with various university research and training institutes for the family business.

  • Seasoned sparring partners
  • Consultants with different expertise areas and experience in family business
  • Process counselors
  • Evaluation and review tools
  • Expertise center