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Unambiguous vision, integral method

We work from a joint vision on the success and fail factors of the family business. In our vision a parallel development between owners strategy and business strategy takes place for family businesses that are thriving for true success. Families that know when and how to change their role as owner to match changing circumstances lay a solid base for the continuity of their business. With our support family businesses know how to organize themselves, their values and to live up to them, to formulate an unambiguous vision for the future of their business and their role in it. Central is the cohesion between strategy, board and ownership. That starts with the building of an effective infrastructure for communication and information. Therefore we are often part of the start and guidance of a family deliberation, board of an association or supervisory board. In our consultancy work for family businesses we maintain a few principles:

  • The continuity of the business comes first
  • Enterprise is a source of inspiration and pleasure
  • Renewal and reshaping is an absolute prerequisite for continuity
  • It’s about a lot more than just financial gain
  • The learning ability of people is almost unlimited

The core concept in our approach to family businesses is responsible ownership. Based on the existing virtues of responsibility and commitment, family businesses are naturally responsible entrepreneurs. We therefore believe in entrepreneurship, but know from experience that success is not self-evident. A clear, comprehensive approach to ownership, strategy and governance is needed.

  • Consultancy and support with attention for the cohesion between family, ownership and business
  • Involved support that goes beyond consultancy
  • Strict independence towards other specialists towards family business
  • Partners with multiple years of experience in family business or that come from a family business