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Wealthy families / family offices

If a family has sold the company, that does not have to be the end of family entrepreneurship. Many families continue the family heritage in a different composition and for other purposes. In addition to the company they are continuing, other families have built up other substantial assets. Each wealthy family who takes her heritage seriously also formulates a clear vision of the purpose of the ability outside the company. In doing so, she determines what role she wants to take in, whether it be good, impact investing, private equity, real estate, investments or collections. This, like a company, demands unambiguous strategy and professional management and management. From Mesa we also put in our expertise and tools. The spread of family power across different destinations brings extra opportunities to actively involve family members with different aspirations, views and careers. That promotes mutual cooperation and family affiliation.

  • Continuing family heritage from generation to generation
  • Keeping the family together after selling the company
  • Operate and manage the power built next to the company
  • To fulfill the social commitment of the family