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Succession questions

Mesa has a lot of experience with the supporting of the preparation of a transfer of ownership and / or company between the new and old generation. A delicate process in which the people involved in many cases have less or no experience. Our experience in the Netherlands and abroad with transferring processes across multiple family forms, complemented by our own research into the critical success factors of a good and sustainable transfer, has resulted in a unique integral inspiring coaching / support approach based on a Japanese tradition used to optimally prepare for an important family or business decision. The Nemawashi program prepares all involved parties in a practical, meaningful way for the new situation and their new roles. After careful determination of requirements, preferences and wishes, a next gen or transfer program is developed. Thanks to the Mesa network some parts of the program will be done with multiple families in order to make the exchange of knowledge and experience for recent and next generations more interesting and relevant.

  • Unique program based on Japanese way of preparing for important decisions and changes
  • Inspires and prepares all participants for new role and situation
  • Program customisation in line with specific requests, focus areas
  • Opportunity to attend multifamily sessions to share and assess best practices