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Next Generation (NextGen) Development

Prepare the next generation by getting them acquainted with the company and stakeholders. We see this as an important foundation for successful business continuation. Becoming an owner and working in the company are two different things in our vision and we help to prepare the next generation on both roles. The next generation will face challenges on multiple fronts. For instance ownership interests, ambitions, competences or personal circumstances. Mesa provides support for discussing, and bridging, and formulating enabling programs and counseling perceived as practical and supporting. If there is an ambition to work in the company, considering a meticulously prepared and shared program to make a policy for entry, career guidance, assessment and appointment for management and executive functions. Not to mention is the question: How is the next generation concrete to fulfill its responsibilities as owner? We like to work together with your family to develop a customized NextGen Development Plan and help implement and maintain that plan.

  • Low profile, high impact support
  • Prepare and align next gen career path and support
  • Define, enable and enhance fit for future ownership/leadership
  • Create and facilitate an inspiring and purposeful environment in order to be able to grow and share