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Where people work closely together – especially in a family with its own family business – energy is created. Often positive, but sometimes different opinions, views or objectives can lead to major communication and content issues. What to do? Mediation or conflict management can help parties to re-engage in order to seek a solution to the issue. Mesa Mediation acts as an independent and impartial supervisor specializing in collaborative issues / conflicts in the interaction between family members / owners and family businesses. Our approach is to investigate what is happening between the parties and how to restore trust and respect. The parties themselves seek voluntary and confidentiality for a solution that is acceptable to them. In addition, the parties commit to secrecy. A collaboration problem? Also in the family business you are definitely not unique. From our experience, we know that it is often soluble. Especially if you reach out in time!

  • Fast and cost efficient. Future oriented and informal
  • Confidential and decided; expert process-oriented guidance
  • Active contribution from all parties. Space for creative solutions
  • Common interests and joint solution are central. Helps prevent damage to family relationships