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Is the ownership of an estate similar to that of a family business?
The successful continuation of an estate is also quite the venture. Continuity of the estate together with the harmony within the family, demands a unique combination of entrepreneurship and stewardship. After all, the exploitation of the estate must be profitable in order to ensure its existence can be guaranteed throughout the generations. At the same time: how rich a family may feel; The ownership of an estate entails a lot of responsibility and is often obtained with birthright without being able to easily remove it. Mesa has been working for and with owners / families of estates for years. From our knowledge and experience, we advise families about their ownership strategy and the establishment of a good administrative organization that fits her ideas about the continuity of the estate. At the same time, it also takes into account the individual wishes and needs of individual relatives. Often, landowners also use the means ‘family statute’ to document that sustainable balance between family and estate.

  • An estate is a precious property
  • Continuity of the estate is central
  • Just like the harmony of the family
  • The family statute can prove of good service