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Family statute

A well-defined and unambiguous family statute enables business families to discuss and solve potential issues or dilemmas requiring well thought and balanced decisions of the family. The purpose of a family statute nowadays is to provide a guideline and base for defining, updating or solving strategic, governance related family, family capital and/or business issues. A fit for future, balanced yet practical family statute is the tangible result of an in-depth discussion between relevant family stakeholders addressing vision, mission, values, principles, strategy the family considers as important to pursue. But also about ownership and control, follow-up and transfer and, for example, how to deal with the interests of third parties or conflicts.

Mesa has tangible experience in acting as sparring partner in the process of defining, enhancing and/or updating family statutes. Our ambition is to support families in elaborating a family statute that will have added value for current governance and anticipate to potential future issues.

  • Practical and applicable templates based on extensive experience
  • Fully custom made with the context of (future) family and business characteristics and features
  • Focus for personal needs of stakeholders
  • Enhanced focus on active support and counseling
  • Setup and execution yields in active involvement and contribution