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Executive family counseling

The role of family members responsible for family, property and / or business issues is becoming increasingly important. Both external and internal factors require more insight and overview to be able to make a good analysis or to make the right decision. Sometimes you may need a good conversation partner who is not involved with the family or company but has experience with the issues that you have on your mind. The Mesa partners act as a conversation partner serving as a sound board and acting as a coach, adviser or critical soundtrack. Each partner has its own expertise areas and experience. Something we take in account when we look for the right conversation partner. In this way, we support individual family members who want to be kept sharp at a certain regularity of 3 to 6 times a year or during a project. The topics for the conversations are pre-tuned, the often intensive conversations take about two hours and are shortly evaluated.

  • Soundboard feature that keeps you sharp
  • Independent conversation partner who is not involved in the family or company
  • Conversation partner selected by focus area or subject
  • Short intensive sessions that are well prepared, which results in a high rate of conversation