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Formulating aligned family values

Families who formulate, update, align and actively apply their core family values will have a sustainable competitive advantage. The company will perform better! Family are able to communicate with internal and external stakeholders in an unambiguous way their values, principles and/or way of working. Well defined family values yields in a strong long term identity in which stakeholder will be able to identify their contribution. That motivates because you know what you are part of. Customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders hear a consistent story and see consistent behavior from the company. That offers security and confidence. Families who do not work in the company feel more involved because they also contribute to family identity. The defined and active shared family values act as a base to increase the solidarity within the family and promotes the surrender of what has now been built up to the next generation. The bespoke benefits will continue to exist even when the actual business is externalized and the family is focusing on managing the family heritage and/or capital. Our guidance from Mesa provides families with inspiration, enthusiasm and greater commitment to each other and helps translate this into concrete applications in the company’s practice.

  • Unambiguous and inspiring defined family values as base for solid family and business governance
  • Stronger commitment and involvement within the family
  • Greater competitive advantage
  • Higher motivation from family and employees
  • More trust from customers and suppliers
  • Base for aligning and briefing external providers saving time and effort